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August 16, 2011

Hello all!

I have abandoned this blog for quite some time now!  About a month and a half ago, I accepted a teaching job and have thus spent the rest of my summer in a panic of preparations for the school year.  I’ll be teaching the freshman Introduction to Art , Sculpture/Ceramics, and Crafts classes, which has led me to spend most of my free time this summer pouring over books about new techniques and brushing up on my skills on the pottery wheel and loom.  I’m very excited to start this new chapter in my life, but hope to begin this blog anew and keep up with it with at least four updates each week as a stress reliever.

In my preparation quest for the new school year (which begins September 6), I have chosen to indulge in some adorable office supplies.  I’m a sucker for anything that can make my work life a little more stylish.  Here are some of my new obsessions:

1. Rifle Paper Company

Literally everything they make is completely adorable.  I’m already planning to save up my little teacher’s salary for some custom stationery.  Until then, however, I’m going to be quite happy with my little zebra notepad (see below!).  With prepping three different classes, there’s a lot to do.  When a zebra tells me to do stuff, I have a feeling I’ll stay on task!

2. russel+hazel

russel+hazel is just one of the best places to go for tasteful, stylish, contemporary office supplies.  I’m keeping my day planner and project lists in this beauty (isn’t it the perfect binder for an art teacher?!):

3. smock paper

I found out about smock paper while in the midst of my search for the perfect wedding invitation, but was surprised to find out that they offer a lot of everyday stationery items.  This sticky note pad is perfect for jotting down reminders about faculty meetings, professional development, and deadlines for grading.

I think that if you spend the majority of your day at work, then you need to surround yourself with things that you love to make everything a little bit nicer in the same way that you surround yourself with things you love in your home.  Do any of you have some favorite items at work?

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