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Swooooon Find and Project Therapy.

June 22, 2011
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Hello all!

I had to do a little therapy project time yesterday- have you ever done that?  This past week, I had been prepping for an interview for pretty much my dream teaching job (teaching high school history of design and graphic design classes) and unfortunately found out that I wasn’t selected for it.  While I think the normal response is to look for someone to console you by buying you ice cream or liquor, I asked Jon to go to the hardware store and buy me bright metallic gold spray paint.  And he did, because he is wonderful and loves how strange creative I am.  I find that the best way to get over something upsetting is to put all of your efforts into something else that you know that you can do.

I had unearthed this fabulous vintage bird cage from Thrift Store USA for $19.99.  Unfortunately, I did not take any before pictures, but you should know that it was initially very dusty, dark green, and FILLED with 5 or 6 faux birds.  That last detail I find a little creepy.  However, I loved the structure of it and had been looking for a sweet birdcage for a while.  One of my favorite restaurants in Norfolk, Luna Maya (DELICIOUS), has some seriously amazing interior design going on that includes birdcages filled with Our Lady of Guadalupe candles, a detail that has been really inspiring to me.  I thought this would be a great opportunity to copy that bit of fabulousity.

I chose not to use Our Lady of Guadalupe candles because, while I think they are particularly beautiful, I couldn’t find a design that worked for my space.  However, I did pick out a selection of honey-scented pillars and tea lights.  A little gold spray paint and frustration-fueled cleaning later, this is the end result:

I’m not sure about the placement of it yet, although I do really want it in the bedroom because I find it so soft, whimsical, and romatic.  Any thoughts on the placement?  I could use ideas.  Regardless, I’m so happy about how it turned out and it was exactly the instant gratification that I needed at the time.

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  1. June 22, 2011 2:16 am

    Oh, here’s a hug for your job disappointment:) Something better must be in the works for you!

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