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Bar Tray Lust

June 20, 2011

Hello all!

I’m sorry for my absence this past week!  My parents and youngest brother came to visit Jon and I for a few days and we spent a great deal of time with them at the beach.  It was wonderful to see my family for a few days, as they live far off in Chicago and I hadn’t seen them since I moved in January.  It’s also a joy to see Jon become more and more a part of my family as they get to spend more time with him.  He and my brother spent hours bodysurfing, which was adorable to watch.

On to new design and decor topics, though!  I spent some time blog surfing on Sunday and came across this adorable bar tray vignette in the home of  Alaina Kaczmarski, who designs and writes the blog, Live Creating Yourself.

 *Credit, Alaina Kaczmarski

How adorable is that?!  I love a vintage bar cart as much as the next “longing for to be Audrey Hepburn” girl, but a lovely tray set up is so much more achievable, as it may take me forever to find the perfect wheeled glass and brass bar cart.  My ideal tray would contain a bottle of Hendrick’s Gin, Absolut Citron, home distilled grapefruit and cardamom vodka, Patron Silver, and American Honey Whiskey for my guy.  I think it would also need a small bud vase with a glammy flower, two beautiful vintage glasses, a shaker, and finally, two covered dishes for olives and fresh limes.  I think that would be just perfect!

What would your ideal bar tray feature?

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