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Draped Furniture

June 13, 2011

Hello all!

It’s funny how things can stay with you.  I’ve been reading desire to inspire ever since I stumbled upon it during my freshman year of college, back when I lived in a dorm room and had very little space to make my own.  With that in mind, it probably goes without saying that I’ve created a giant inspiration folder on my computer of images from that site.  On Friday, I was looking at my old red chair- a very comfortable, if unnattractive, hand-me-down from my parents’ basement- when I suddenly remembered a post that desire to inspire did in 2009 (eek!) about draped furniture.  It’s one of those styles that I either love or hate.  Here are some inspiration photos below:

*Credit, Atlanta Bartlett

*Credit, Domino

*Credit, Penny Wincer

*Credit, Hus & Hem

I love how the interiors in these photos all look very soft, casual, and elegant.  I had lots of muslin fabric lying around the house and decided to try it with my chair.  Here is the end result:

I really love the end result, although I think it could use some sewing screws to pin bits and pieces into place and prevent constant slippage.  But it’s definitely a HUGE improvement over the dark burgundy color of the chair and makes the room feel so much lighter.  What do you think?

– Elizabeth

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