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Vintage Wall Decor

June 10, 2011
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I don’t think that it’s any secret that I am a big fan of anything vintage.  I think mixing different items from different times, both past and present, is the best way to bring personality into your home.  I especially like to do this on my walls with vintage poster, prints, and objects.  In general, I think that this can be the most “user friendly” way to add in some vintage, as it doesn’t present the concerns that other types of vintage objects might (i.e., “Is that lead based paint?”, “Does that wiring need replacing?”).

Today, my fiance and I received an early wedding gift from his parents.  In high school, Jon had asked for a vintage movie poster as a graduation gift and received one.  As a wedding present, his parents had it matted, framed, and preserved for us.  I absolutely love my future in-laws and their willingness to think outside the box with a gift like that.  It is so much better than china/a four slice toaster/a Crock Pot.  I thought that this would be the perfect occasion to celebrate that new piece, which will soon be on my wall, as well as some other vintage pieces I keep on my walls that I haven’t shared yet.

It’s so 1950s and fabulous.  I’m planning for it to be on gallery wall we’ve begun in the front room, once I pick up a hanger that can handle its substantial weight.

My friend, Cate, found a set of four bird plate/figurines, spray painted them a bright pumpkin orange, and was kind enough to give me two of them!  They now brighten up my kitchen.

I found this “soldier with accessories” print last week at my all-time favorite spot, Country Boy Antiques, in Norfolk for a great $7.  I’m beginning a gallery vignette by the reading chair in my bedroom and have it hanging next to two pieces of my own artwork, which I hope to post more about in the future.

Finally, these are the illustrations I mentioned yesterday.  I found a Boy Scout manual from 1972 (!!!) while out thrifting last week and now have cut out lots and lots of the illustrations to use throughout the apartment.  Right now, the illustrations with large splashes of this sunny yellow create a motif throughout my hallway.

How do you feel about incorporating vintage bits and pieces into your home?

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