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Wallpapered Doors

June 9, 2011

One of the interesting things about living in such an old apartment is that the architectural details are so unlike what you would find in a modern place.  This can be good (I can go on and on and on about my crystal doorknobs), bad (being on the third floor, sometimes the heat doesn’t make it all the way up to our radiator), or just odd.  The odd thing that I have been focused on lately is that there are SO.  MANY.  DOORS.


Every single room can be shut into it’s own little box, even the hallway that connects our front room, bathroom, and bedroom.  As it is also where the closet space is, there are, I kid you not, five doors for this one tiny little space (see below).

Since this portion of my apartment is so different, I’d really like to highlight it and make it a little bit more interesting so that the doors are a cool architectural piece rather than a totally odd part of my home.  I’ve been looking at different examples of wallpaper covered doors and am considering filling in the center rectangle on each door with some kind of pattern.  Right now, I’m thinking of using something striped, not too crazy, and yellow, to match the vintage Boy Scout manual illustrations I have on the walls (I’ll be posting more about these, along with some other great vintage wall pieces, tomorrow!).  It is a bigger monetary investment, though, and labor intensive, so I want to make sure that this is something that I really want to do before I fully commit.  Here’s some inspiration found from Google searching:

*via Room Envy

*Via Martha Stewart

Right now, I’m trying to decide if it’s bold and will look fabulous or if it would be just too kookookachoo for such a small space.  What are your thoughts?

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