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Closet Turnover

June 9, 2011

I love spring cleaning!  Nothing makes me feel better than to totally change things over and eliminate anything that is unnecessary from my space.  This past week, that has meant starting a closet makeover.  I have limited amount of closet space and have to share it, so that has involved some thinking ahead and prioritizing on my part.  I’ve found a lot of success in keeping a “Fall/Winter” closet and and “Spring/Summer” closet.  When I first moved to Norfolk in January, I kept all of my spring and summer clothes packed away in underbed storage boxes and hung up my fall and winter clothes where they would be easily accessible.  Though I had gradually started taking some items out, this week I decided it was definitely time to flip everything at get a Spring/Summer closet moving along.

The great thing about this process is that it allows you to eliminate the items that you do not use or have grown tired of.  I wound up filling up one and a half garbage bags with clothes that just don’t fill a purpose in my closet/life and donated them.  The other great thing is that when your seasonal clothes have been put away for so long, it almost feels like shopping when you can pull them out again.  For example, I had forgotten all about some items that I love, like my white cotton, ribbon-striped maxi dress or my vintage green gingham dress.

In keeping with the excitement of seeing old items as new again, I made a little art print and put it in a custom frame to keep in my closet.

This is a quote from the fabulous teacher I was lucky to work with during student teaching.  Despite having a full schedule, a full time job, two kids, and a husband, she somehow managed to always fit in workouts and looked super duper freaking cute all the time.  Her explanation was, “There’s always time for foxy.”  I think this will definitely be the cute pick-me-up I need every once in a while!  The frame for this was easy to make; I’m planning to do another example and will post a step by step for the project sometime this week.

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