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June 6, 2011

Hello all!

I hope everyone had an excellent weekend.  I know I did- a date out with my guy, going out for drinks and tapas with friends, and then a day of thrifting topped off with a dinner party.  Definitely busy, but well worth it.  I’ve been meaning to do a post on some of the thrifted items I’ve been picking up here and there, and I found a great deal of items while out and about yesterday that now a few posts on these things is required.  I’m going to start with some of the things that I found to cute up my bathroom.

First, while at an auction with my friend, Cate, a few weeks ago, we found a large bin of vintage tobacco tins that we snagged for $5.  Altogether, there were probably about 15 of them, which we split 50-50.  I haven’t found a great place for all of them yet, but this one was perfect for my bathroom windowsill and now houses cotton balls.

This swan container and the glass bucket container I found while out thrifting this week.  Both were under $1.50 each and now hold some of my everday getting ready items- q-tips and bobby pins.  The swan was originally a very weather beaten brass, so I touched it up with some glossy white spray paint.

I always take my engagement ring off before I shower, dry my hair, put on lotion, etc.  It’s so special to me and I really try to keep it safe.  I had been using the ring box to store it wasn’t being worn, but when I was out at Thrift Store USA yesterday (a MUST go to if you are in Southern Virginia, by the way), I found this little ceramic hand with some gold metallic designs.  I absolutely love it.  Initially I was thinking that I would spray paint it, but I wound up loving it just as it was

Altogether, these, along with my old bottle of flowers (love alstromeria!) make up a really cute vignette, which makes getting ready for work way, way better.

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