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Handmade Shades

June 1, 2011

Hello all!

I hope everyone had a great first day back at work/class/normal life after the long weekend!  I started my day out completely sunburned to a hot pink crisp on my back and shoulders- the body parts that somehow were missed by my SPF 50 and stayed above the ocean waves yesterday.  Right now I am totally useless at anything that requires me to lift my arms above a 45 degree angle!

I’ll be posting again later on in the day as well.  I have a great Craigslist find to share and had a post good to go yesterday when I discovered that my card reader for my camera’s memory card decided that it was done with me!  I’ll be replacing that this morning and can then update you properly.  It’s not much a find share without pictures!

As always, I started my morning off with a little design blog reading and found this gorgeous interior shot on desire to inspire, one of my go-to’s for fabulous room images.  First, take a minute to appreciate the full shot, because it’s truly, truly awesome (and note the legs of the desk, do those not look like giant fish sculptures??!  If so, I’m in love.), and then second, take a look at the windowshade.

Isn’t that shade just wonderful? And could easily be done by yourself.  I’ve been looking for idea for window treatments for my front room; I loathe the bad vertical blinds that came with the place but feel like there’s already too much going on in the room for long, billowy drapes.  This is a perfect solution- the wispy, luxurious material in a simple drape.  I’m thinking about doing those tie-ups in antique leather strips as well, maybe a coffee color?

Take a look at the full post here, there are other pictures of this home as well as a great article.  Happy Wednesday!

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