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Vintage Dresser

May 24, 2011

Hello all!

I love the front room of my apartment- it’s spacious and has wood floors and three large windows to catch the breeze.  What I do not love is our organization system in there right now.  It’s currently the place where the desk, wireless internet setup, television, Xbox and PS3 systems, and DVDs abound.  Part of sharing space with someone involves making room for their stuff, but this is one area where both Jon and I have a lot of stuff, and it needs to be corralled better.  Right now, we are functioning off of a small bookshelf and two endtables to hold the televisiona and all electronics equipment.  This is doable, but not remotely close to perfect, so I’m currently searching the thrift stores and auctions for a large vintage dresser that can hold everything and keep it organized, yet out of site.

In particular, I love the idea of a campaign dresser.  I feel like I keep seeing these pop up in decor magazines and blogs, and love their masculine shape.

*Credit, flickr, i_am_petro (also can be seen in Lonny)

*Credit, Material Girls, Houston

I love the pops of color here, although all of the wood furniture in my living room is being painted black right now to keep things controlled and consistent.  I love the glammy look of black paint and silver hardware (or with gold, really, it’s all good).

Or just something vintage, either feminine or 70s or midcentury.  When it comes down to it, I’m just looking for the right piece of furniture that is better than your average Pottery Barn television armoire.

*Credit, The LENNOXX

 *Credit, reform objects

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