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Things I Love In My Home #2

May 22, 2011

I started this series a while back to help remind myself of the things that I already have and love, as I worry that a blog about improving my home could at some point feed into materialism.  Today, I wanted to write about one of my favorite things to do in my home: filling the breakfast nook area with flowers.  Cate and I went to Norfolk Wholesale Florist today.  Rumor has it that during wedding season they have an amazing selection of flowers leftover from wedding bouquets that they will sell as a grab bag for $5.  We didn’t make it there until 10, so those were all gone by then, but some perusing did lead me to some Star of Bethlehem flowers.  I threw these in a small blue glass jar I have and set it with the potted succulent that I’ve been keeping.  I also have some Alstromeria that lasted for over a week and still looks just beautiful.  I even have threw two flowers that had delicate stems into a crystal glass, along with two carnation buds, and they are still going strong as well.  Altogether, it make the breakfast nook a lovely place to sit, listen to the radio, and work.

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