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Inspiration for Dinner and Where I’m Getting Some Ingredients

May 18, 2011

Hello all! 

Today is a great sunny day in Norfolk… and unfortunately I am going to spend the majority of it running errands, doing job and licensure preparation, and a few indoor projects.  Right now, those projects consist of repainting the majority of my wood furniture white or black depending on the room in an effort to better sync things up. 

However, tonight, I do plan on enjoying the evening by cooking a nice dinner with my fiance outdoors to eat out on our fire escape- the closest we can come to a balcony!  I went searching through one of my favorite sites, 101 Cookbooks, for some inspiration and am hoping to make this fabulous looking pasta this evening:

*Photo credit: Heidi Swanson,

It really looks so delicious!  I think I will be making it with penne noodles, as that is what I have.  The thing that I am most excited about is that the herbs to season it will be coming from my fire escape garden- finally operational! 

I will post the full project for this pallette garden tomorrow, but for now, here is a quick sneak peek of my little garden:

It currently hosts three tiers of plants, including the begonias and tarragon pictured above, as well as cilantro, Genovese basil, a Fresno chili pepper plant, the beginnings of pea plants, and some recently planted mesculin lettuce.

Enjoy your day!

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