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A Great Find and Some Room Inspiration

May 17, 2011

Hello all! 

As this week marks the first week that student teaching has been completed, I am trying to relax a bit before jumping into work as a Summer Programs Educator at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens and a part time nanny for the three most adorable little girls I have ever met.  Now, relaxing for me generally means doing projects, something that often confuses Jon, my fiance.  He was absolutely wonderful about making me breakfast in bed- getting up at 5 AM to do it!- to kick off the “chill out” day he believes I really need.  How sweet is that!  Today my chill out day involves fixing up this beauty:

This past weekend, my good friend, Cate, and I went to an auction out in Wakefield, VA, where peanut plants and open space abound.  We made several truly awesome deals, but this is the highlight.  There were about eight antique bicycles there, in various states of disrepair, but all with great potential.  We were outbid on my absolute favorite one (at $27.50.  We’re cheap.), but we managed to score three bikes for FIVE DOLLARS EACH, including this lovely ladies Huffy now sitting in the breakfast nook.  The minimal research I’ve done puts it in the late 1960s/early 1970s.  It will need some MAJOR rust remover, wire brushing, oil, and new tires immediately, then soon a better seat, bell, and wicker basket to become as cute as humanly possible.  I can’t wait to get started!

I thought that today I would keep the post simple and just put up some inspiration photos from, where else, Lonny, my go-to.  Today, these photos come from the bedroom section, the part of my home that I feel I have the most grasp on, vision-wise.  I know that it is not so far away from being as perfect as possible.

I am a sucker for all things monogrammed.  I may need to handpaint, print, or embroider some large pillows for the bed soon.  I love how masculine the lower one looks!  Perfect for balancing out all the lavender pops in our bedroom.

And I love this photo in general, but it really got me thinking about headboards.  I’m currently searching for the perfect one, and am beginning to think of making it out of custom cut wood or a vintage door.  I love the handpainted detail on the fabric here- mine will most certainly be black to match the West Elm bed we have, and a similar bit of detailing would pop so well!

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