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May 3, 2011

Hello all!

I’m so sorry for the delay in posts recently.  During this past week and continuing on through this week, I am spending a great deal of time preparing my final portfolio for my teaching license, as well as preparing a show for Norfolk Public Schools, and attending lots of networky/help out as much as possible meetings.  Therefore, I’m sad to say that it has resulted in a number of dinners made by Jon, a backlog of laundry, the need for Jon and my best friend, Diane, to send me flowers to brighten me up, and unfortunately, very little time to spend on my blog.

I am hoping to get at least one post up, as we have still been quite productive on the house in spite of my schedule.  My good friend, Cate, completely kicked my ass on the glass etching.  I mean, really.  They’re awesome.  And she gave me the set.  Jackpot!  I’m going to try to get it back by creating Mr. and Mrs. themed etched glasses for Jon and myself- maybe even a platter?  We’ll see.  Additionally, she and I got busy creating planters this weekend- we turned wooden pallettes into vertical planters.  Pictures and tutorial of that will follow soon!  Also, Jon and I have several new house acquisitions- including framed vintage comics and signage on the wall of the living room and a lamp that our silly neighbors were throwing out.  It just needs a new shade and a paint job.

I can’t wait to post about all these things soon- I just need the time!!!

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