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Goats’ Milk Share… Learning? Project?

April 26, 2011

Hello all!

This is more a life event post rather than a home post, but I feel like this still fits into the general theme of this being a chronicle of Jon’s and my adventures while setting up house.  I am a little confused as to whether it should fall into the learning category or the project category.

I am seriously considering buying a share of a goat farm.

For a weekly/monthly supply of local goats’ milk.

So that I can make my own chevre from scratch.

Ironically, while I lived in Kansas, a major agricultural state, I never really considered all to the opportunities that I had to buy similar shares into local farms.  However, having found out from my friend, Cate, that this is very doable here in Virginia, I’m suddenly very interested.  When you think about it, I suppose that it makes a lot of sense that I’m doing it now.  Kansas was always a temporary place; Virginia is more permanent.  I’m older and like the idea of supporting local industry.  I love goat cheese.  You know.

It also strikes this chord in me that I’ve been feeling quite frequently- this need to take something at its most basic (example- goats’ milk, seeds, my antique sofa) and turn it into something fabulous (example- homemade custom flavored goat cheese, my now thriving herd garden, and someday a wonderful custom piece of furniture).  I love the idea lately of getting my hands dirty, being over the top productive, and creating the things for the home that I live in- right down to the basic staples of a kitchen like bread, cheese, beer, and such.  I’ll keep you all updated on how this goes- there will surely be a project post soon!

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