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Thrift Store Finds, Projects, and Learning

April 23, 2011

Hello all!

I’m writing you fresh from coming from my engagement photoshoot.  Jon and I spent the afternoon along the harbor in Norfolk with my good friend, Becky, doing a nautical, vintage-inspired shoot.  I managed to both convince Jon to put on a nice outfit and to keep my Calvin Klein party dress from blowing up into a full Marilyn Monroe moment by the blustery oceanside.  Nice.  I’m sure I won’t resist being able to put one or two pictures up on here once I get copies.

Today’s post is going to be a bit dense- with my school being on spring break, I’ve had a lot of time on my hands these past few days to do projects.  Let’s begin with the thrift store finds.

On Friday, my good friend, Cate, and I went on a bit of a hunt.  We were looking for old Navy uniforms to make something similar to these bags, and while unfortunately we didn’t find any that really worked for our guys’ branch of the service, we did find some great other things.  I found another jar to add to my ingredient shelf (now hosting dried black beans, pearl barley, brown sugar, flour, and olive oil), pictured below, as well as three bowls to mix in with my dinnerware.  I love the idea of keeping my dinnerware in a state of “Anthropologie mismatch”, where things go together, but are not identical.  My current set of dinnerware is creamy white, with some braided designs around the edges of plates, bowls, and mugs.  These three new plates color match perfectly, and had a floral design with some slight braiding as well.  Perfect!

On to the project!  We also picked up some glassware to do some custom etching on.  I’d like to do a post on this with step by step guidelines at a later date.  We used simple etching cream from the craftstore and using 1/8 inch masking tape, I created a diamond pattern on the glasses and then applied etching cream to individual shapes around the glass.  I created large, medium, and small shapes, although I think the medium one turned out the best.  Very, very inexpensive to do, but so customizable.  I love the idea of creating a set of monogrammed glasses for each of my bridesmaids as bridesmaids’ gifts.  It’s a bit hard to see in the photos below how the diamond shapes etched into the glass, but I hope you get the idea. Still working the kinks out of this project.

And finally, learning.  I just recently got into following The Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking , which is fantastic.  Lots of great advice, tips, and tools.  And she recently published a book by the same name of the blog!  I’m ordering a copy now and will be sure to share my opinion soon!  Also in the learning vein, I took a stop at Punk Domestics and found a link to this fabulous looking recipe for a mango jam.  Jon is obsessed with mangos, so I think that this might need to happen.

Happy weekend everybody! 

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