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April 21, 2011

Hello all!

Sorry for the long delay between posts!  This week, the school system that I teach in is on spring break (woohoo!) and I spent the first part of it in Kansas City, MO doing some long overdue wedding planning (6 months to go!).  However, I am now back in beautiful, sunny Virginia.  I thought it would be good to do a quick post on recent wall acquisitions.

I had a lovely framed photograph of Chicago that my mother gave me a long time ago when I first moved to Kansas for school.  While there, it was nice to have a visual reminder of my home city, but after moving to my new apartment in Norfolk, a more permanent place, it just didn’t fit in anywhere.  I’m saving the photograph- I love the idea of cutting it up and collaging it with a picture of Kansas City to make a larger piece representative of mine and Jon’s homes.  However, I wanted to repaint the frame and use it for something else to make a decor piece that really fit.

While doing some of the continuous “stuff pruning” that I’ve been working on to help consolidate our things, I found a folder full of old sketches and images from my graphic design classes back at KU, before I began majoring in art education.  Most of it I could toss, but I had done a small series on birds and thought that variations might make a great piece.  I glued some of these onto a vertical piece of illustration board that I measured to fit the frame, spraypainted the frame white, and suddenly had a perfect little piece to display in our breakfast nook!

I love that it has a graphic touch from the bird silhouettes and the white and black sequence of the backing paper, mat, and frame, but still has a nice folksy element from the patterns on the wings. Below is a photo of it with the rest of the n0ok.

Tell me what you think!  I’d love to hear about any adventures in repurposing/reclaiming that you might have!

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