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April 13, 2011

Spending my early morning listening to the Grace Bonney Interview on Design Observer.  Grace Bonney created and crafts one of my favorite sites, Design*Sponge.  It is all around one of the best places to go for inspiration and DIY projects.  I’m really enjoying listening to her take on changing your style, doing interior design on your own, and risktaking in business.  As I’m doing this new blog and making it a serious hobby, I find her opinions incredibly relevant as someone who has made a design blog into a serious business venture and a revered source of information.  Check it out!

Also reading A New Cottage in New Orleans With ‘Katrina Patina’ on The New York Times.  A lovely article I found about a New Orleans home created post-Katrina through a great deal of difficulty that extended beyond the hurricane.  It’s a beautiful interior spotlight style-wise, but it also is a great article for anyone living with someone and what home really means, especially for two people.  There’s a wonderful quote from Karina Gentinetta, who built this home with her husband and is responsible for its design, about living as a couple in this era of luxe spaces: “Happiness is not a big house.  It’s being in each other’s way.  That’s what brings memories.”  How true and what a good thing to remember in this time.

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