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Weekend Thrift Store Find

April 11, 2011

Hello all!

I mentioned in my last post that I was planning a thrift store outing with a friend and wanted to post a great item I picked up.  While out and about, I found a drawer pull to use on my end table upcycling project that I mentioned some time ago.  I have to say, I felt much better spending $2 at the architectural salvage place down the street than I would have spending $8-10 plus shipping from Anthropologie.  I wish I had taken pictures of that place!  It is one of those old creaky floorboard shops where things are just piled and piled into tower heaps and you have a very real fear while walking around that a pile of doorknobs/mirrors/scrap wood/medicine cabinets may fall on you.

I also found a great old glass pitcher at another shop, emblazoned with the words “Missippi Queen” in fabulous old style red lettering.  I did a little bit of research (aided by another set of lettering on the pitcher, “La Crosse, Wisc.”) and found out that it’s from a paddlewheel boat up in La Crosse, Wisconsin.  So cool!  I picked it up for $6 and it now functions as my utensil holder.  Prior to this, I was using a mug to hold kitchen utensils, which my fiance was constantly noting as a top-heavy accident waiting to happen.  Now we have a much more stable pitcher to do this for us!  Here are a few pics:

I just love it!  I love all things vintage, period, but I also love how the glass pitcher works with the small collection of glass kitchen jars/containers that I’ve been building.  Enjoy your Monday!

– Elizabeth

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