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Project : Cloth Covered Corkboard

April 9, 2011


The cool, rainy weather has returned to Norfolk, putting a hold on my plans to start gardening this weekend.  However, the weekend is my big time for projects, so instead I’m spending this gray afternoon out and about at some thrift shops with friends.  My shopping list includes a glass or ceramic drawer pull, glass apothecary jars, kitchen canisters and jars, vintage pamphlets and signage, and bits of fabric or paint.  You never know how much that you’ll be able to find, but I think it’s good to start out with a large list.

However, I’d like to keep up a habit of including one project on here each weekend.  This one, cloth covered corkboard, is very simple and can be done in 30 minutes at the very, very longest.  I don’t have any in process pics, as I made these some time ago, but the directions are simple to follow.  I have hoarding tendencies and like to hold on to mementos of pretty much anything- if someone has sent me a card, if I’ve found a cute postcard, if I get a good fortune from a fortune cookie, I will hold on to it, guaranteed.  I was keeping these shut up in boxes, but then I thought that it would be great to put them up on some corkboards… but first the corkboards would need to become cuter.

1) Pick up a set of 12″ by 12″ corkboads from a Target/WalMart/Walgreens.  They’re very inexpensive, I believe that I paid about $5.00 for a pack of 4.  You could also by any size corkboard really, I’ve seen some fabulous large scale ones on several design blogs.  I like using a large about of small corkboards so that I can mix and match fabrics, so that is why I chose the 12″ by 12″ ones.

2) Select your fabric.  Anything will work; I chose to use cotton.  I like picking up fat quarter piles from fabric stores.  These are small bundles made from leftover scraps of fabric (a quarter yard each).  They last forever and are great for projects- I found a large bundle of bird and woods themed cotton and am still using it.  If you are using several small squares, it’s always a good idea to make sure the fabric will coordinate well.

3) You can glue these, but I chose to be lazy and simply staple them on.  You just need to lay the fabric facedown, lay the corkboard on top of it, and stretch and staple the fabric around, tucking in the corners and excess.

4) Nail these or tack up the corkboards (one nails/tack for each corner) and put up whatever you find sweet and inspirational.  The boards by my desk have pictures of art, postcards, letters, important receipts, and reminder on them.  I also have used two of these corkboards in the bathroom as a necklace holder.  I stuck in small colored map tacks and hang my necklaces (as well as my fiance’s hemp and shell necklaces) up there.

See?  Altogether a really simple, but nice way to spruce up your workspace or closet area.  Happy Saturday!


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