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Gardening Inspiration

April 8, 2011

I’ve never been much of a gardener and tend to kill every plant that comes into my home.  The only time I was ever successful with a plant was when one of my sophomore year roommates, Sarah, and I filled the windowsill of our dorm room with different herbs.  Sarah was particularly adept with plants and so I’m pretty sure that she had a major hand in the success of my thyme and lemon verbena plants.  That said, the weather in Virginia is really lovely and has been so nice lately that I’ve been inspired to do a little bit of planting on my fire escape.  Last weekend, I picked up several seed packets for Genovese basil, tarragon, and cilantro to test the waters. I’m planning to keep them on the brick windowsill until they get substantial and then move them to the fire escape when they’re bigger, which is shadier.  I combed through Flickr to find some inspiration and ideas and was surprised at how many images I found.  I think it must be so common to feel the need to create green spaces in small urban settings.


Saucy Salad

aWatering Can

bitch cakes ny

I love seeing how creative people get in such confined spaces.  I should be posting my full gardening project on Saturday with my take on this.

– Elizabeth

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