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Anthropologie Hardware

April 1, 2011

Ok, I am one of those girls who loves and adores all things Anthropologie more than I should.  Or rather, much more than I can afford.  If I could, I would make sure that all of my dishes, towels, rugs, furniture, clothes, and books came from there.  Unfortunately, all of that can’t really happen on my student teaching lack of salary, nor will it be an option on a teaching salary, so I have to pick and choose indulgences there when I can.

However, Anthro does have lots of items that are affordable and can add personal touches to home decor, making DIY projects even better.  Right now, I’ve finished upcycling a lamp that was passed down to me (more to come on that soon!) and beginning to plan out a large furniture makeover.  My friend, Cate, has inspired me with her furniture makeovers, which include reupholstering a vintage sofa (something I dream of doing to my beautiful but worn down rainbow flowered antique couch).  I’ve seen her make over several pieces simply by painting them black, and as I have a lot of mismatched wood pieces in my home, this seems like it would be a great way to blend them all together into one cohesive room set.  Where Anthropologie comes in here is on an old end table.

I love this table, I love how distinctly Southwestern American it is, but unfortunately, it doesn’t really work in the room that I envision my living room will become.  A lot of that has to do with the stocky, square wooden knob on the front of it, which gives it the Southwest appearance.  I inherited the table as a castoff from my parents, and while it serves its purpose, it could be so much better.  The plan is to paint it a glossy black sometime in the future and switch out the old drawer knob for a new one.  I’ve been perusing the Anthropologie hardware section for some options.  These are the finalists:

Thoughts?  I would love to know what you think!

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